Monday, 8 September 2014

Hotel Pet Peeves

We've all been there. Got to the hotel room only to find something infuriatingly amiss. Of course, there are a few perfect hotels (see some of my faves here...!) but more often that not they'll be lacking in something. These aren't the things that are deal-breakers, but when you're on your holibobs you want literally everything to be literally perfect. So, here are some of my hotel pet peeves...

* No Hairdryer!

Self-explanatory. Hairdryers in hotel rooms are one of those things that are just so expected you don't even really think to check in advance any more. It doesn't even have to be particularly good, but it sure beats walking around with damp-frizzy hair all day...

* Awkwardly-placed plug sockets

When you're in a hotel room, you want to be able to charge your phone next to your bed. That is just a fact of life. How am I supposed to comfortably snooze my alarm if I have to get out of bed and cross the room to do so?! You also need to have a plug socket near a mirror for your hair straighteners. That's just common sense.
[The same goes for lights switches not by the bedside]

* Uncomfortable pillows

I can survive in a hotel without 1000 thread count sheets (I mean, I do every other day of my life). BUT - lumpy / flat / shapeless pillows can ruin a night's sleep, which will run the next day, which will ruin your holiday. Fact.

* Extra charges for towel hire

I'm rolling my eyes as you're asking me for this.

* WiFi Charges

Not everywhere has wifi - that's fine, I guess. Your prerogative. Places that have wifi and then want you to pay extra for it? Eurgh.

* Shower plugs that don't drain as quick as the water flows

Bit of a personal pet-peeve this one, but I hate hate hate standing in my shower water. Hate it.

* No full-length mirror

How on EARTH am I supposed to know if I look human enough to leave my room if I can't see myself in full view?!

[Disclaimer: I am still totally in love with going on holiday, and always, always, will be.]


So, during a recent hotel stay I encountered two of the above pet peeves! I thought it is time to name and shame (or, hopefully, name and fame [does that work?]) some offenders

- Manchester Malmaison: no full-length mirror AND no plug sockets by the bed!
- Premier Inn, Angel Islington: plug socket only by one side of the bed - very inconvenient for people who don't like to clamber over each other to be able to use it!
- Park&Suites Prestige Cannes Croisette: no full-length mirror!

Feel free to add your own below…!

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