Monday, 1 September 2014

August and September

Although this post is brought to you from my desk at work, I am wishing it was brought to you from my bed, in my pyjamas, with a hot chocolate by my side. Having taken a day off work last Thursday to recover from a cold, I have now picked up another one and am sitting here being annoyingly-sniffy. Bring on next summer.

So! This month kicked-off with one of the most exciting things - my oldest friend's wedding. It was an awesome day; everything went as planned and everyone had a lovely time. I obviously drank too much but hey, with a free bar what did they expect. It was the perfect day after months of talking about it, and also resulted in the best selfie of all time.

Also this month I have eaten at The Port House, Brioche, the Bleeding Heart Bistro, Bianco43, Bonedaddies, Canteen (once for brunch, once for lunch), Rosa's Thai Cafe, St Bart's Brewery (for a Christmas menu tasting, obv), and MEATmission (for national burger day). I went to the Virginia Woolf exhibition and the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, the James Bond exhibition at the London Film museum, the Festival of Love at the Southbank Centre (blogged about here) and the wedding dress exhibition at the V&A. I attended a beautiful pickle's first birthday party, to which I brought a delicious and wonderfully-decorated Konditor & Cook cake. I also went to one of the Brief Encounter screenings at the Royal Festival Hall, which was accompanied by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Maybe all the above is the reason I haven't read much this month - I finished The Art of Travel and moved on to H is for Hawk. I'm struggling with it a bit though as I'm not loving it. I'll persevere though! I'm still watching Desperate Housewives (now on season 7) and we've also been watching Life on Mars.

I've been a bit slack on the blogging front though, only putting finger to keypad twice - once to write about My Favourite London Restaurants, and the second to write-up our first Brunch Club. I also joined Bloglovin', but I'm not sure I'm really making the most of it at the moment!

Next month is my sister's birthday, which will have to be celebrated with too much drinking. I'm also hoping to book a holiday or two, which I obviously can't wait for!!

As for today, I think I'm going to drag my sorry butt home at lunchtime and treat myself to some Itsu on the way. Where's this Indian Summer I've been promised?!

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