Monday, 9 June 2014

Planning, Planning, Planning

For me, planning a holiday is almost (almost!) as much fun as going on holiday. I love every aspect of it - googling destinations, researching restaurants, scrolling through hotel images - I have planned holidays I'm never going to go on, holidays I could go on at the drop of a hat, and holidays that would make an awesome honeymoon. I have hotels in random destinations bookmarked for future reference, and have a list as long as my arm of places I've picked out to visit one day. It goes without saying that as soon as one holiday is over I'll be planning for my next one.

So this weekend we are going weekending. I have already, of course, done my lists of things to do, eat, see and drink, but the week before is when you need to make sure you do all the more less-exciting travel arrangements. We leave on Friday, and this is how my week will pan-out:

* check the weather forecast
* check I have the details from the apartment owner
* give the boy a task to do (research transportation and how we get from airport to apartment)

* write packing list
* order money

* re-read packing list, make any amendments
* collect money

* check-in
* buy travel insurance
* pack!

* fly, fly, fly away!

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