Monday, 2 June 2014

Baby Shower

Last Summer I arranged my first every baby shower (not for a baby of mine, I hasten to add!) Although it may seem crazy to think it now, last summer was a really hot one - and mumma-to-be was already suffering with the sweaty weather, so I decided to have a relatively low-key gathering with just a few close friends rather than having a big-deal garden party or something similar.

Wanting to keep it a traditional affair a couple of us made some cakes (I went for a Victoria Sponge and a chocolate tray bake), and we paired this with strawberries, cream and scones. I'd heard a rumour that pregnant ladies don't like to drink alcohol, so I made two different alcohol-free drinks...

* fizzy water, mint leaves, two squeezed limes and as many lime wedges as your jug will allow
* blended peaches (with the syrupy peach juice that comes in the tin) with white grape and peach juice, plus some squeezed / chopped strawberries

Paperchase do a very cute range of baby shower bits and pieces - straws, bunting and cake decorators - which we paired with all the appropriately-coloured plates, napkins and cups. We all bought the baby a present, as well as chipped in to get mum some vouchers for her favourite spa.

Most of the day was spent chatting, but I thought it would be best to have something to play in case the chat slowed down as the afternoon wore on, so I created a game of musical baby bingo! There are a few websites that can generate bingo cards for you with whatever you want them to say, and whatever size you want (I went with 9x9), so I created a spotify playlist of 36 songs with 'baby' in the title and then got the cards made up! It worked brilliantly well, and once the game was over it also made an awesome playlist to soundtrack the rest of the afternoon.

The day was a great success, and a lovely way to spend a summer's afternoon.

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