Tuesday, 21 July 2015

30 for 30: Trips Still to Do

I love planning holidays almost as much as I love going on them (almost). My smythson notebook is continually updated with new trip ideas, and all it takes will be overhearing someone in the lift at work talking about a recent holiday to make me furiously start googling. I don't think there are many (any?) places in the world, danger-of-death withstanding, that I wouldn't be interested to see, but there are certain places that are permanently on the list. These are the ones that if I haven't done by the time I'm on my deathbed, well, I'll be very cross with myself. In no particular order:

1) Slovenia - Maybe 3 nights in Ljubljana and 1 night in Lake Bled?
2) Texas Road Trip - Houston, San Antonio, Marfa, Dalas, Houston. Maybe Austin? Need to research this more.
3) New Orleans.
4) Mexico.
5) Boston & DC - and everywhere in between?
6) South America - Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Uspallata Pass, Los Andes, Santiago, Laguna Verde.
7) San Francisco, Portland, Hawaii - honeymoon???
8) India - incorporating the Mumbai - Goa train.
9) Inter-railing - initially planned for this year, put off due to money. Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava, Prague.
10) St Petersburg - I totally want to stay at the W there.
11) Baltic Countries - when I was younger I went on a baltic cruise with my parents and I would love to go back to all the countries we visited and explore them properly.
12) Bath - staying at The Pig, and OBVY visiting the spa.
13) Cornwall - only been as a youngster, find this weird.
14) Scotland - as remote as possible.
15) Dublin - never been, find that weird.
16) Girls only trip - Tenerife?
17) Vegas, San Diego, Palm Springs.
18) St Barths / Maldives / Mauritius / somewhere super lush. Just once in my life.
19) Rural France - house, bread, red wine, done.
20) Thailand / Cambodia / etc.
21) Fort Lauderdale / South Beach.
22) Yoga retreat - not really my thing but maybe if I went on one it would become my trip?
23) Somewhere with a plunge pool. Somewhere, anywhere!
24) Revisiting Australia and doing a proper, all-encompassing, trip round the whole place.
25) Canada - roadtrippin'.
26) Iceland - I feel like I'm the only person in the world who hasn't visited that blue lagoon.
27) NY at Christmas.
28) Belgium - it was a family hotspot when I was younger so I feel I owe it to go back and visit again as an adult.
29) Skiing. Don't care where, but I haven't been in years and would like to go again.
30) Palm Springs. I know it's on here already, but it's my absolute fave and deserves a second mention.

NOTE! I started writing this a couple of months ago and then forgot about it. I finished adding to it today, then noticed that the first trip on my list is the one I recently went on. Good motivation to visit everywhere else on it!

What would make your list?

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