Wednesday, 8 April 2015

30 for 30: Favourite Travel Memories

Next week, I will turn 30. I'm going to be on holiday when it happens (OF COURSE) but to celebrate this "milestone", here are my 30 favourite travel memories.*

* i.e. the first 30 that popped into my head.

In no particular order...

1) Being far too drunk at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood
2) Spending an entire day in Santa Monica with new friends and no plans
3) Climbing to the top of Arthur's Seat on my 29th birthday
4) Watching the sunset from the viewing point on the tallest hill in Laguna Beach
5) Dancing on the beach at Barasti Beach Bar in Dubai
6) Using the Virgin clubhouse for the first time
7) Pegging it through a ridiculous rain-storm in New York with the family
8) Having an Aroma Bath outside at the Rasa Sayang Shagri-La Hotel in Penang
9) Skiing above the clouds on my 16th birthday in France on a school trip
10) Being chosen by my school to be one of the 20 or so pupils to go to Canada on an exchange program
11) All and every minute spent by the pool at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs
12) Playing Sissy Bingo with Linda at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs
13) Forgetting what the handbrake is for, while stopped on a very steep hill in West Hollywood
14) Hanging out at the Cafe Arabe in Marrakech on a sunny afternoon
15) Indulging in a little wave machine pool time in Las Vegas
16) Enjoying the excellent water park Aqualibi in Belgium
17) Everything about the weekend I spent in Paris with a, now-ex, boyfriend
18) Visiting the stunning Santa Barbara City Hall
19) Being so much more awed by the whole Vatican experience than I thought I would be
20) Skydiving onto the beach in Australia
21) Camping in California
22) Being completely over-awed by the amazing deal we'd swung with Expedia on arriving at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach
23) Eating chips and soup for lunch whilst skiing in Austria
24) Gambling in Vegas. By gambling I mean playing Bingo...
25) Crying because I didn't want to leave Florida / Crying because I didn't want to leave a baltic cruise / Crying because I didn't want to leave Canada
26) Going to Cannes for work
27) Everything about Wales. Just, everything.
28) Relaxing in the Szechenyi thermal baths in Budapest
29) Arranging a great hen-do in Stratford-upon-Avon
30) Every single time I've booked something, ever.

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  1. This is so sweet! I need to do something similar :)